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Geoffrey Reed of Ichido: A Chef Who Catches What He Cooks

IcIchido Chef Geoffrey and Ichido from Patrick Wong on Vimeo. This summer, I had a chance to go fishing for my first time with Feastly chef, Geoffrey Reed. Geoffrey, the visionary behind Japanese pop-up, Ichido, fishes whenever he gets a chance so that he can give his diners a literal taste of the Bay. After our catch, I was able to see how Geoffrey prepares for Ichido, course after course. Because each dinner depends on the catches of the week, every experience is different. And every experience is tasty.  

Behind the Feast: Local Forager & Fisherman Geoffrey Reed

With 20 years under his apron, Geoffrey Reed owes much of his culinary awareness to the ocean and mountains that surrounded him as a native of McKinleyville, California. It began early on in his parent’s garden, fishing in the creek behind the house and having full reign to play in the kitchen. Geoff got his first taste of the culinary life at 12, helping with chocolate dipped strawberries and washing dishes on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant where his older brother worked. That adventure turned into 6 years of working his way through every position in the kitchen. After moving to Arizona in 2002 to attend the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Geoff began working at Mary Elaine’s with Bradford Thompson and later on Nobuo Fukuda of Sea Saw, both James Beard Award winning chefs. A fascination with Japanese food and culture led to a thriving experience in the 26 seat omakase restaurant where he cooked for 6 years. He later on worked side by side with Nobuo on R&D trips to Japan, New York and LA …