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Cassava cake

Cassava Cake With Flan Topping

Cassava cake is one of the more popular Filipino desserts and is quite easy to prepare. It’s made with grated cassava (yucca), coconut milk, eggs, and several other ingredients. My interpretation of my mom’s cassava cake comes with a decadent flan topping – as the icing!

Video Recipe: Mochiko Chicken Katsu

Video Recipe: Mochiko Chicken Katsu

During my childhood summers in Hawaii I was introduced to two fried chicken dishes: Chicken Katsu and Mochiko Chicken. Chicken Katsu is a Japanese dish prepared by coating chicken cutlets and coating them in egg and panko bread crumbs then deep-frying. Though I’m not aware of the origin of Mochiko chicken, it was a dish commonly prepared at my family parties.