Poached Eggs for a Crowd

Everyone loves eating poached eggs but most people don’t enjoy making them. To alleviate this painful process of breaking yolks while poaching large batches of eggs, we caught up with chef Andrew McCormack to get his recipe for poaching eggs for a crowd. Andrew gets a lot of practice by serving Eggs Benedict to  24+ diners at his popular brunch pop-ups so he’s our official egg poaching expert.

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Twice-Poached Eggs by Andrew McCormack

Special equipment: immersion circulator.

12 eggs, cold
For poaching liquid:
1.5 L water
0.1 L white vinegar
50 g salt

+ Preheat water bath to 62° C .
+ Add Eggs to water bath and cook for 1 hour. Remove eggs to an ice bath.
+ When completely cool, store eggs for later use.

To serve:
+ Preheat water bath to 53° C.
+ Combine ingredients for poaching liquid and bring to a boil.
+ Add a little water to the bottom of a small mixing bowl. Crack desired eggs into the bowl and slide them into the poaching liquid.
+ Let the eggs cook until the white firms – about 2-3 minutes.
+ Remove from liquid and place in cold water for about a minute. Transfer to a container in the water bath and hold until ready to serve.

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