Author: Cleo Tarca

Using Facebook Events To Market Your Pop-Ups

Why Facebook Events? Feastly is an event-based platform, so Facebook events are a natural fit. Also, Facebook events are a great way to get the word out about your pop-ups. Users can invite people and interact with them via the Events. Lastly, Facebook suggests Events based on user interest and/or location, making your meals fully discoverable. IMPORTANT: Facebook events should be made from a business page, not a personal page. Why? Feastly (or any other business page) cannot co-host events made from a personal page. Ads cannot be created for events made from a personal page. Users in your geographical area are more likely to see and interact with a business page. Business pages gain views and grow an audience over time. Don’t have a business page? Click here to get started. How to use this tutorial If you’re new to Facebook Events, start from the beginning! If you have experience, jump to the section that best fits your needs using the table of contents below. Each section contains helpful info and a link to …

How to open a pop-up restaurant

How To Open A Pop-Up Restaurant: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Open A Pop-Up Restaurant 101 The pop-up restaurant was once a temporary set-up for chefs in between restaurant jobs. However, it has become a mainstay in urban epicenters globally. Want to know how to open a pop-up restaurant yourself? That’s where we come in. For over three years, Feastly has been helping cooks to design pop-up concepts, build brands, and host thousands of adventurous diners in cities across the country. Using this guide as a starting point, you too can open a successful pop-up restaurant! STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR PURPOSE Before opening up your pop-up, decide why you’re doing it! Step 2: Build Your Concept The most successful pop-up restaurants have food that tells a story. This should be something easy to describe and simple for diners to understand – if you can’t succinctly explain the concept of your pop-up restaurant, chances are your audience won’t be able to either. Here are some examples from Feastly chefs who maintain unique, cohesive concepts for their pop-up restaurants: STEP 3: FIND A VENUE Most cooks don’t have …

Pop Up Duo Brings Breton Cuisine To Portland

A dinner with Penn Sardin PDX is both a study in culture and a culinary experience. With seafood-forward menus and a unique roster of wines and ciders, Penn Sardin showcases the cuisine of Brittany in the Pacific Northwest. Liz White and Simon Lowry, the duo behind the popup, met at Portland’s Olympia Oyster Bar, where she is a cook and he runs the wine program.

Meet Chelsea Miller, The Girl Who Makes The Knives

Chelsea Miller is quite literally the girl with the knife….er, the woman with the knife. For the past six years, she has been forging artisan kitchen knives out of a small shop in Brooklyn, NY. From peddling her wares at a humble flea market stand to making knifes for Mario Batali and the chefs of Eleven Madison Park, Chelsea embodies art, entrepreneurship, and a dedication to providing a seriously quality product.

#GirlsWithKnives Interview: Culinary Creative Kathleen Schaffer

Kathleen Schaffer began her culinary journey at local restaurants in New Hope, Pennsylvania, her historic hometown along the Delaware River. She attended New York University and studied fine arts and art history, but she always worked in restaurants. It eventually became apparent that she was building a career in food over one in the arts, and what has unfolded is innumerable eclectic and prestigious positions in the industry – almost too many to list!