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What We’re Reading This Week

Here’s a taste of this week’s jam-packed reading list of goodness: a members-only restaurant supper club, the new “milk” slated to take over the world, and a restaurant with mechanized chefs. Devour happily, friends!

+Here’s an oldie-but-goodie, a must-read if you’re a frequent traveler on Guy Fieri’s train to Flavor-Town…or if you secretly want to run his ’68 Camaro off the road.

+Tasting Collective, a subscription-based eating club that touts itself as the “anti-Yelp,” is making its San Francisco debut on June 18.

A private, members-only eating club model at normally public restaurants might sound like Ivy League exclusivity run amok — but with its mostly communal seating and convivial atmosphere, [founder Nat] Gelb likes to think that Tasting Collective’s meals are inclusive rather than the opposite. One thing’s for sure: They definitely buck the traditional power dynamics in the dining room, creating a casual atmosphere and leveling the playing field between diners and chefs.

+Robots cook the food at Bryce, Boston’s avant-garde establishment that is noticeably bereft of human employees.

+Stephanie Rosenbloom waxes poetic on the merits of dining alone in Paris.

+If you’ve stepped foot in a coffee shop recently, you’ve probably experienced the cultural and culinary phenomenon that is oat milk.

…the market for dairy alternatives is growing quickly in the United States, where negative perceptions of cow’s milk have created a thirst for substitutes made from coconut, peas, and hemp. Oat milk offers another benefit. If consumption approaches levels now enjoyed by industry leader almond milk, those urban hipsters may be the vanguard of a soil revolution. Oat milk has three times the protein of its almond-based rival and at least twice the fiber, though it’s higher in carbs. When it comes to each drink’s environmental footprint, there’s no comparison. 

+Employee-owned cooperatives could be the answer to improving working conditions in restaurants.

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