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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

This week, we’re celebrating the weird and the wonderful — bacon cryptocurrency, a deep dive into the merits of MSG, Trader Joe’s secrets revealed, and much more.

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+Meyer lemons are celebrated for their sweeter and less tart flavor…and it’s all thanks to Frank N. Meyer, a plant adventurer shrouded in mystery until now.

+Monosodium glutamate has gone from feared food additive to an ingredient championed by respected chefs and food writers. Read about one “MSG convert’s” journey to Tokyo, the “umami capital.” 

+For those of you who pop Lactaid like Tic Tacs, check out Bon Appetit writer Amiel Stanak’s guide to eating dairy for the lactose intolerant.

+The newest crypocurrency, Bacoin from Oscar Mayer, won’t pay you out in cash. But you can trade it for salty, fatty, pork products.

+The world of cannabis-infused fine dining is being led by a handful of female chefs.

+A new podcast dubbed Inside Trader Joe’s will finally answer all of your questions about the beloved grocery chain.

+A new McDonalds location in Chicago will now sell rotating selections of its international offerings, like a Brazilian McFlurry filled with strawberry sauce and chocolate-covered coconut bites.

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