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PEPCID® Presents: #carpedinner with Chef Matt Abdoo

Make the most out of dining with PEPCID® and Feastly. Whether you’re a novice home cook or a passionate food enthusiast, you can enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences. Get up close and personal with top chefs, forge social connections, and indulge in world-class food, all in spectacular venues.

New York Chef Matt Abdoo (Pig Bleecker, Pig Beach) cooks the second event in this exclusive #carpedinner series! As a teen, he used to sneak PEPCID® into his Italian grandmother’s house in preparation for what he calls “indigestion bombs waiting to happen.” Her Sunday feasts had every major heartburn trigger — tomatoes, red wine, garlic, chili flakes, fatty meats, and more. The post-meal espressos and after-dinner chocolates didn’t help either! Now, Abdoo makes sure he carries PEPCID® Complete with him wherever he goes. As an Italian-barbecue chef and a general lover of indulgence, he doesn’t want himself nor his diners miss out on any eating experience.

Join Us At Chef Abdoo’s Table

About The Chef

Chef Matt Abdoo hails from upstate New York, where he got his start making Italian desserts at Café CaNole. It was there that he really discovered his passion for cooking. Although he pursued a formal education in business at the encouragement of his dad, Abdoo continued to hone his culinary skills at Café CaNole during his school breaks. After finishing college, he enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, graduating as valedictorian in 2004. 

Abdoo then settled in Boston, working at Pigalle under Marc Orfaly. Before becoming head chef at Orfaly’s Marco at just 24-years-old, Abdoo went to New York to learn salumi from Mario Batali and then to Tuscany and Firenze, where he cemented his philosophy of regional Italian cooking. After his tenure at Marco, Abdoo cooked at Del Posto, working his way up from sous chef to chef de cuisine and earning the restaurant a rare four-star review from the New York Times.

Although Abdoo is certainly passionate about Italian cuisine, his penchant for barbecue led to him to collaborate with friend and current business partner Rob Shawger. The two cooked and traveled to a variety of barbecue competitions around the country, racking up accolades like first in poultry and second in whole hog at Memphis in May 2015.

Abdoo says his culinary perfectionism made him want to learn everything he could about barbecue, which isn’t all that different from Italian cuisine. He says, “The Italian nonna is the one working in the kitchen, cooking all day to feed the family. The pitmaster is similar, waking up at 4 am to put the brisket on and feeding a crowd. You don’t just make barbecue for two people.”

Currently, Abdoo is the executive chef and partner of New York’s Pig Beach and Pig Bleecker, melding his love of both Italian and barbecue. Think brisket ravioli and smoked duck lasagna! Both establishments have garnered rave reviews from both diners and critics — Pig Beach is on Eater NY‘s “Essential Barbecue Restaurants” list and New York Times reviewer Pete Wells touted the amazing flavors of Abdoo’s scratch-made sauces.

In addition to his time spent in the kitchen, Abdoo is a frequent guest on “The Today Show” and has appeared on NBC’s “The Chew” and DirecTV’s “Fantasy Zone.” He is also a spokesperson for the National Pork Board and lives with his wife and son in Brooklyn.

Join Us At Chef Abdoo’s Table

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