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Weekly Reading List: Turkey Day Edition

The best feasting day of the year is almost upon us, so we’re celebrating with a special Thanksgiving-themed reading list. Get reading for stuffing pants, the 8-hour dinner prep, favorite dishes by state, and much more. Happy reading…and eating!

+If you want Thanksgiving flavors without three days of cooking, try Trader Joe’s Turkey & Stuffing En Croute, complete with cranberry sauce and gravy.

+Better yet, just order a delivery Thanksgiving dinner from one of these five places.

+It’s no secret that deep frying a turkey is a precarious operation. Enjoy Romper‘s funny fried fails from Thanksgivings past.


+Thanksgiving spreads look different state-to-state. Check out General Mills’ infographic on favorite dishes across America.

+Stove Top has given life to our favorite term, “eating pants.”

According to Stove Top, the pants are “comfortable, stretch-waisted pants with a little bit of Stove Top style.” If the stretch pants (which expands 2x the usual size) aren’t enough, it also features pockets to store all your side dishes for later.

+One day. One oven. Four burners. Check out The New York Times’ interactive guide to cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner in just eight hours.

+Feastly SF‘s Lindsay Kinder shared her recipe for cranberry-orange relish, a simple and three-ingredient method that’ll beat store-bought jelly.


+Two words: “stunt turkey.” Culinary rebel Anthony Bourdain gives his go-to method for doing Thanksgiving the right way.

Prepare a stunt turkey and a business turkey. My motto is “never let ‘em see you sweat.” To impress guests, roast and artfully arrange a small turkey, using any and all manner of garnishes and props, including (but not limited to): chop frills, rainbow pinwheels of skewered citrus fruit slices, maraschino cherries, curly kale, lit sparklers, and crisp, new $100 bills and/or gold leaf. While guests admire your artistry (and drink your Burgundy), carve the larger, roasted business turkey in the kitchen.

+VOGUE shared a few tips on how how to talk politics at the holiday table without flinging mashed potatoes at your family members.


+So you made it through the Thanksgiving feast…now what? Bon Appetit weighs in on post-meal etiquette.

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