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Weekend Reading List: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

With temperatures cooling off and leaves changing colors, things just feel all around cozier. So grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and settle in for this week’s delicious line-up of good food reads.

+Mickey D’s is going plant-based…maybe. The Golden Arches are supposedly testing out a vegan burger, aptly dubbed “The McVegan.” 

+Jezebel digs into how restaurants get away with looks-based discrimination.

…I soon learned what it has to have been beyond a shadow of a doubt—it was the same question managers asked me every time someone walked through the door. “Is she cute?” It’s the rare big-city restaurant that doesn’t ask this question before hiring floor staff. In fact, there’s little reason for them not to, because whether a restaurant has three Michelin stars or serves little more than greasy chicken wings and beer, if they only want to hire hot servers—or even just women—it’s entirely legal.

+Turns out there is actually some science behind why so many recipes call for a 350-degree oven. Tasting Table has the scoop.

+As of October 1, weed gummy bears are no more. Colorado lawmakers have prohibited any “marijuana-infused products in the shape of human, animal, or fruit.”

+In an effort to replicate his “enlightened hospitality” model, Shake Shack titan Danny Meyer has started a private equity fund targeting the industry. 

+With restaurant staff turnover rates at an all-time high, some Bay Area establishments are turning to co-ops to keep their employees. 

A worker-owned cooperative typically has a formal structure of equality, where there’s no division between bosses and workers — everyone is a boss. Worker-owners, sometimes called “members,” typically earn more than minimum wage, receive better-than-average benefits, and split profits at the end of the year. Business decisions are made collectively.

+Last week it was edible Oreo records. This week? The playable tortilla…filled with deliciousness like ham, cheese, eggplant, potato and more.


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