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Social Media 101: Customizing Your Facebook Business Page Settings (Part 3)

Customizing your Facebook Business page settings helps to further its effectiveness. It also helps you monitor how users interact with it. Examples include: user restrictions, tagging properties, messenger settings, and page administrators.

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General Settings

To start customizing your Facebook business page settings, click “Settings” in the upper right and corner of your Business Manager. The “General” settings will appear as a default — it’s the first tab on the list. Below are some of the features you can customize.

Page Visibility

While you’re still editing your page, you can keep it “unpublished” so users cannot see or interact with it. NOTE: Your page is auto-published after you create it, but you always have the option to un-publish it.

Visitor Posts

You can restrict users’ posting abilities from this section. If you’d like to review posts before they can be added to your page, check that box! You can also disable others’ posts completely.


Check this box if you would like to allow users to message you through your business page. This is a great way communicate them!


This section seems confusing, so see the below screenshots and explanations for assistance!

Check this box to allow users to tag your business page in their photos and videos.

Check this box to allow users and other Business pages to tag your page.


These settings allow you to restrict which locations or age ranges see your page. You can also block specific words from your page.

Other Settings

You’ll notice that the left side of the Settings page contains a number of different tabs you can click on. Below is some important information about these other features.

Edit Page

Clicking “Edit Page” allows you to customize what appears on your business page.

You can change page templates under this section. Facebook will inform you of all of the features of each template upon clicking “edit.”

You can also select which tabs you want to be displayed on your page (i.e. Posts, Videos etc.). IMPORTANT: The Events tab is not part of the default tabs. Click “Add A Tab” to make sure the Events tab is displayed.


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