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Social Media 101: Creating A Facebook Business Page (Part 1)

A Facebook Business page is a crucial first step in promoting your brand on social media. It allows you to establish a business-focused presence that is separate from your personal page. This gives your business a more professional edge and provides you with a lot of useful marketing tools. See below for how to build one!

The Benefits Of Having A Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business page gives you access to a number of features that personal pages do not. Check out these notable ones:

  • Facebook Insights provide valuable information about your page. You can view metrics like Facebook Post performance, Facebook Event engagement, and Facebook Likes over time.
  • Reviews help your brand grow organically. They also influence how often your page appears in others’ news feeds.
  • Advertising is one way to make sure more users see and interact with your page. Stay tuned for more information on using Facebook Advertising.
  • Other relevant features not available to personal pages like a mission statement, business hours and location, and categories (like “restaurant” or “brand”).

How To Create A Facebook Business Page

+First, go to 

+Next, click “Create A Page” in the upper right hand corner.

Facebook Business page

+Then, select the type of business you are creating from the available options.

Pick the type that best matches your business. The most popular categories for pop-up chefs are “Local Business or Place” or “Brand or Product.”

Facebook Business page categories

+Next, choose a business category and fill out other relevant information. Then click “Get Started” to finish your page.

NOTE: If you do not have a personal Facebook page, you’ll be prompted to create one during this step.

Facebook Business page

That’s it! Your new Facebook Business page is now created. You’re well on your way to marketing your brand on social media.

Next, check out how to personalize your new page.

Facebook Business page


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