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Using Facebook Events To Market Your Pop-Ups

Why use Facebook Events for marketing?

Facebook events are a great way to get the word out about your pop-ups. Users can invite people and interact with them via the Events. Facebook also suggests Events based on user interest and/or location, making your meals fully discover-able.

IMPORTANT: Facebook events should be made from a business page, not a personal page. Why?

  • Feastly (or any other business page) cannot co-host events made from a personal page.
  • Ads cannot be created for events made from a personal page.
  • Users in your geographical area are more likely to see and interact with a business page.
  • Business pages gain views and grow an audience over time.

Don’t have a business page? Learn how to make one here.

How to use this tutorial

If you’re new to Facebook Events, start from the beginning! If you have experience, jump to the section that best fits your needs using the table of contents below. Each section contains helpful info and a link to a demo video.

Video: Introduction to Facebook Events

Table of Contents

Choosing A Cover Photo

Naming Your Facebook Events

Setting Your Event Location

Setting Dates and Times

Categorizing Your Event

Writing Your Event Description

Adding Tickets Links and Co-Hosts

Sharing and Interacting With Your Event

More Info and Tips

1. Choosing A Cover Photo or Video

Video: Choosing A Cover Photo

Use a high-resolution food or venue photo. Make sure it is enticing and drool-worthy! You can also upload videos to Event covers.

Facebook Events cover photo

2. Naming Your Facebook Events

Video: Naming Your Event

Titles should be short, give users a clear idea of what the event is, and encourage them to click inside for more information. This could include the cuisine type, type of meal, number of courses, and/or main event of the meal.

Title examples:

  • All You Can Drink Noodle Brunch
  • 4-Course Nigerian Vegan Brunch
  • Burmese Pork Belly Pop-Up

3. Setting Your Event Location

Video: Setting Event Location

Whenever possible, use the neighborhood instead of the exact address (i.e. South of Market instead of 687 Minna St.).

If you are hosting at:

Make sure to like and share your city’s page!

4. Setting Dates and Times

Video: Setting Dates & Times

Facebook has a feature for adding multiple dates and times to Events. This allows you to include many meals in one Event.

Facebook Events multiple dates

5. Categorizing Your Event

Video: Categorizing Your Event

Most times, choose “Food” as your category from the drop-down menu. This allows users to locate your event when searching for food-related events in their area. NOTE: Facebook seems to change these frequently, so if all else fails – choose the category that best fits your event!

6. Writing Your Event Description

Video: Writing Your Event Description

What to include:

+Brief details about the event (i.e. pop-up concept, special guests, themes etc.):

Facebook Events description

+A tickets link, shortened as a Bitly. This will be the same link you put in the “Tickets” box later:

Facebook Events tickets link

+Meal price and any add-ons:

Facebook Events meal price and add-ons

+Menu with brief course descriptions:

Facebook Events menu

7. Adding Tickets Link and Co-Hosts

Video: Tickets Link and Co-Hosting

Add the business page(s) that you want to be a co-host. It will say “pending” until the invitation is accepted. If successful, all hosts will be listed on the event. Remember, only business pages can co-host events from other business pages.

IMPORTANT: If you do not add Feastly and your corresponding city page as co-hosts, I will not see it and therefore will be less likely to help you 🙂

If typing in the page name doesn’t work, try copying and pasting the exact page link (i.e. into the co-host box.

Facebook Events co-host

8. Sharing and Interacting With Your Event

Video: Sharing Your Event & Using The Discussion Section

+Share your event by inviting friends, sharing it in Messenger, and sharing it on your Newsfeed.

Facebook Events share

+Post consistently in the discussion section. Remember, users who have engaged with your event will receive a notification each time you post. Users will still receive notification up to a week after the event date has passed.

Facebook Events post

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