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#GirlsWithKnives: we’re highlighting women in the food industry, and we need your help!

March is Women’s History Month, and we at Feastly want to celebrate the amazing women in the food industry. Our #GirlsWithKnives campaign will focus on the difficulties of thriving in an industry where the most elevated positions are mostly held by men, and machismo reigns in many kitchens and companies. We’ll also highlight the women who inspire us, and who are leading the movement of new female chefs and entrepreneurs.

The nuts and bolts:

  • The campaign will run the duration of the month, including marketing across all of our channels (from email to social to in-app).
  • The event will culminate in an in person event in all three of our cities (SF, LA, and Portland) on Wednesday March 29.
  • Throughout the campaign, we will be encouraging our users and other influencers to share stories of their journey in food or of women who have inspired them using the hashtag #GirlsWithKnives. We will select a winning submission to receive a knife package.


How you can participate:

  • If you’re a female Feastly chef, we will include your March meals in our marketing efforts, so be sure to get them up before the month begins!
  • If you would like to speak or cook at our in person event, or you know someone who might, please fill out this form.
  • We will be creating content on our blog and via our social channels throughout the month. The easiest way to share your experience is to fill out this brief survey. Then we will transform it and follow up as needed!
  • Share your stories with the hashtag! We will do our best to monitor all social channels during the month and reshare your posts, so make sure to tag @Feastly on Facebook and @eatfeastly on Instagram or Twitter. You can also send them to to make sure we see them.

Thanks and please feel free to reach out with any questions/comments about the campaign. Looking forward to a great month of girl power!

Joey DeBruin,
Head of Growth,

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