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What We’re Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

This week, we’re filling our reading basket with Anthony Bourdain on politics, Michelin Star aversions, and pizza ATMs. We hope you will enjoy these great stories as much as we did!

+ If you’ve ever baked in high elevations you’ll definitely understand the struggle of no-elevation baking.  What’s it like cooking in zero gravity? Check out this two part journal from NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus about cooking and eating in space. 

I should first mention the overall utility of the tortilla as a basic food group here in space. You can do so much with a tortilla; it becomes the vehicle with which to eat almost anything. I cannot think of anything that cannot be put on a tortilla, or has not been put on a tortilla.

+ We like it hot so we were pleasantly surprised by this research showing that revolutionaries tend to love spicy food. Challenge yourself to dive into the science, history, and lore of capsaicin, because as Mao said, “he who cannot endure red peppers is also unable to fight.”

Anthony Bourdain gets political in this Q/A with Eater’s executive editor, Helen Rosner. He asks the same question we’re all asking: how the fuck did we get here?  He points out that,

I don’t have an agenda, but I do have a point of view, and it might change from minute to minute. I like going to places thinking one thing, and being proven wrong. A journalist has to have an agenda — who-what-why-where — and I don’t want to ask those questions. That’s a prison to me. I’m not here to ask you specific questions, I’m here to ask general questions. What’s your life like? Tell me a story.


@from_lagos to Egypt, Kentucky – Nigerian Appalachian Remix #fromlagostoegyptky

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+ We love how this Nigerian pop-up is bringing folks together in Trump Country. Even with the distance between Africa and Appalachia, food can conquer the widest divide in our current political landscape.

+ If you love pizza delivery, you might find yourself celebrating the fact that Pizza ATMs are headed to a city near you. Unlike money, pizza is a currency that’s especially useful when all restaurants are closed.

Historic Michelin Guides by Patrick Gaudin

+ Are Michelin stars worth the trouble? Some chefs don’t seem think so. 

For quite a while, Eleven Madison Park had only one star, chef Daniel Humm explains, “and people thought we were underrated, but I never cared. I almost appreciated being the restaurant that was underrated—it’s kind of a beautiful place to be. It’s a lot easier to exceed expectations. 

+ Our neighborhood bakery Tartine is expanding to LA so we can now eat morning buns in two of our favorite cities. Read about the details in Bloomberg. 

+ The process behind René Redzepi’s made-from-scratch, 10 week-long pop-up restaurant in Australia is intriguing and inspiring. If you haven’t seen this already, it’s worth checking out The NOMA way:

They had arrived to a restaurant half-built at an address that didn’t yet exist online. Sinks weren’t working. Neither was the oven. A box of expensive ingredients had disappeared, and storms ripping across Tasmania meant more orders wouldn’t get through…In one week, they had racked up almost $6,000 in deliveries.

+ Too tired to read? Check out this list of  motivational TED Talks made for and by  food makers. Here’s one from Danny Meyer on the marriage of fine dining and casual dining with true hospitality:


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