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Feastly in Bisnow

Ding Party Deluxe by Alia Khan // October 19, 2012

“Pop-ups and food trucks work well for those gearing up for the restaurant leap. But what if you’re just a corporate workhorse who loves cooking, dreaming about leaving it all behind, but you’re nowhere near that point yet? Enter Feastly. Founders Noah Karesh and Danny Harris are out to “democratize the dining experience”by providing would-be chefs an option with even lower barriers to entry than food trucks or pop-ups. Feastly connects passionate chefs and home-cooks with passionate eaters via social networking, transforming homes into informal mini pop-ups. Anyone can apply to be a chef with Feastly, but you have to get through a vetting process that includes tastings and site visits.

“Once vetted, chefs determine their menu and price point, then broadcast it through the Feastly platform so interested “Feasters” can sign up for the meal. The meals are themed to bring together people who are into the same types of food, and can range from ‘Texas BBQ” to “Pre-Triathlon Carbo Load.” The dinners often involve an additional dimension, like learning to make pasta over an Italian meal. Danny and Noah have watched Feasters make all kinds ofnew connections, from business to romantic. And for the chefs, it’s often the difference between “Yup, I’m ready to open the next Citronelle” and “Uh, maybe I should just stick to dinner parties.””

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