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This Week’s Meal

On Thursday, September 27th at 6:30 p.m., Chef Mya, a native of Burma and three-time DC restaurant executive chef takes you on a journey through vegan cuisine (not to worry meat eaters, Chef Mya has options for you, too!). Enjoy heirloom and watermelon salad with or without salmon, vegan paella, beet and coconut sorbet, and a make your own fresh fruit juice and smoothie bar. Chef Mya welcomes you to her Mt. Vernon Square home for $38.50.

Guilt-Free Gourmet Goodness – September 27th at 6:30 p.m., $38.50 in Mount Vernon Square

The Chef
Meet Mya ” I started cooking at age 11 and grew up close to the source of food in my native Burma. Now, I’m a three-time DC restaurant executive chef who made a choice to strike out on her own to hustle as a progressive personal chef/ offbeat caterer. With 12 years of experience, my specialties range from modernizing a classic American dish to marrying flavors of the world’s cuisines into my own style of cooking. One of my signature creations, Kobe Burger with Peach Ketchup and Fried Pickle Chips, was called “first-rate” by The Washington Times and “killer burger” by The Washington Post. Several of my recipes took top places in contests in the past few months. The grand-prize-winning recipe, Five-Cheese Macaroni with Crispy Prosciutto Bits, will be published in Taste of Home Magazine’s October/ November issue.”

The Menu

  • Organic Heirloom Tomato & Watermelon Salad – Drizzled with homemade maple balsamic herb vinaigrette. Served with wild Alaskan salmon or without (for vegans/ vegetarians)
  • Vegan Paella – English peas, roasted patty pan squash, fire-roasted bell peppers, oyster mushrooms, baby artichokes, cannellini beans and caramelized sweet onions with aromatic saffron rice cooked in a shallow pan until socarrat, crispy crusty bottom, is formed
  • Beet & Coconut Sorbet – Naturally sweet and vegan!
  • Drinks: Make-Your-Own Fresh Juices, Vegan Shakes and Mineral Water – Have fun playing with my commercial masticating juicer! You’ll get assortment of organic or naturally grown carrots, strawberries, blue berries, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, bananas, spinach and more. Coconut milk is provided for vegan shakes

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