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Secret Ingredient: Maple Syrup

As the world’s biggest sweet tooth I love making savory dishes a little bit sweeter. I went to Mexico City a couple of years ago, and I was completely taken by their concept of mole. Smothering chocolate on anything from enchiladas to roast chicken? Sounds like my kind of dish. There is nothing I like more than having dessert for my main course.

Maple syrup is another the perfect way to add an indulgent sweetness to vegetables and meats galore.

During Christmas my mom always makes a mustard and syrup glaze for the ham. This might sound like a strange combination but I swear it is unreal. Pork, bacon and ham are perfectly complemented but this sugary glaze.

So move over pancakes, maple syrups is ready to smother more than just breakfast sweets. If you have even half as much as a sweet tooth as I do, you will love these dishes as they blur the line between sweet and savory.

Pork tenderloin with maple terriaki glaze

Maple bacon hash browns

Spicy smoked maple tofu

Maple glazed roasted carrots

Maple sesame salmon fillets

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