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Fantasy Feastly Meals

Lately, as obvious by my shameless promotion, I have been spending most of my time on Pinterest. It has really become my fantasy dream world (not that my real life isn’t great, hello I work for Feastly what could be better!) where I can pin pictures of foods I want to eat, places I want to travel and celebrities I want to look like. I can dream of traveling to Italy, eating endless pistachio gelato and having the abs of Halle Berry with just the pin of some photos.

Besides planning my ultimate beach wedding to Channing Tatum on Pinterest, I also like to plan Feastly meals in unbelievable homes. Today I will share these destination Feastly meals with you, in secret hope that one of these spectacular kitchens belongs to a reader. The themes might be a little outlandish but hopefully it will inspire you to host a Feastly meal in your indubitably great kitchen!

Hello swim up bar! Bring your bathing suit, sun screen and bucket hat to this Feastly meal! The menu would include pina coladas, mojitos and margaritas. And since we’d probably need food to balance out our drinks we would have fresh seafood: coconut shrimps and lobster tail galore. With the suffocating heat I think this meal is much needed and would revive everyone in attendance.

This kitchen has officially been added to my dream house. My family is unnaturally obsessed with Legos (I’ve been to Legoland in three different countries…) so I’d have to say this kitchen was made for me. A Feastly meal here would include colorful, stackable, layered foods. For example a make your own lasagna bar with tomato sauce, yellow squash and zucchini. Just be careful not to spill food in the cracks between the Legos!

This river sink is really one of my favorite inventions for a few reasons. If you want to have a classic, theme-less event then fill this sucker with ice and nestle in your beers, soda and wine coolers to keep them cool all night. If you want to use the sink to its full potential then have a river themed party. Play sounds of rapids in the background, make all your guests wear life jackets and serve fresh water fish. Or fill up the sink and send sushi boats down it, reminiscent of Japanese restaurants.

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