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Summer Party Idea: Bonfire

I am originally from Denver, and with all the fires going on throughout Colorado I feel very politically incorrect for suggesting this party theme. By bonfire I don’t mean starting a massive, raging fire in a backyard that happens to be surrounded by a very dry forest. Remember your fire safety rules… like stop drop and roll… when handling any flames. I don’t want Feastly to be responsible for adding to this tragedy, so lets all be on our best behavior and use our judgment!

Now that we are past the warning portion of this post I want to emphasize what a great time bonfires are! When I went camping recently, and let me preface by saying the fire was completely contained and safe, it was still the highlight of my trip. I loved basking in the impressive fire and watching water boil from the heat, as it prepared to be added to hot cocoa.

Also at my house we have a bonfire pit in the backyard, which we use endlessly during the summer. After a dinner party has ended it is so nice to sit around our fire pit and sip coffee. It is the perfect summer activity, and with it’s heat can actually be used in most seasons. It is also very family friend (as long as it is closely monitored). Kids absolutely love roasting marshmallows in the tame flames, keeping everyone at the dinner satisfied.

As you know I am a big fan of playing with your food (it’s the kid in me) so any interactive foods make me very happy. I recently went to dinner where you cook your own meat on hot stones, which is my biggest fantasy. I cooked everyone else’s meat for them which my friends got sort of annoyed with after awhile (Haters gonna hate). Making s’mores is even better because you can do it from the comfort of you own home! And interactive desserts are life’s greatest pleasures in my opinion.

So here are some ways you are able to experience a summer bond fire without setting your gazebo on fire.



Fire pits

My fire pit is definitely one of the best purchases ever made. My personal pit was built into the ground of my backyard but they can easily be bought to stand-alone. They can be bought for around $100 dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond or Target, and I really think they are worth every penny. Hosting a dinner party around the fire pit means a fun time had by all. So bust out your fire pit and make shish kabobs or bratwursts by roast them all over a fire. I would love to attend a Feastly meal like this, any takers?



Don’t have a fire pit, never fear, you can still smell burnt marshmallows in your near future. Simply use your fireplace to create the ultimate campfire experience. Gathering around a fireplace is equally cozy and will attract kids and adults alike. Simply straighten out some wire hangers and top them with marshmallows. Roast those babies over the fire and create a campfire at home (in the best kind of way). Lay out your graham crackers and chocolate in front of the fire so they warm and melt along with your ‘mallow.



However, if the weather outside is perfect and you don’t want to spend your night indoors, you can still tell campfire stories around a collection of large candles. In the summer we often fill our fire pit with candles, which minimizes the effort in starting a fire and with cleanup. Simply fill a platter with assorted candles and roast your marshmallows in their flame. It might take a little longer to get a golden crisp, but it still makes the perfect summer activity, and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

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