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Host/Hostess Gifts

This coming week I am traveling and staying at a friend’s house. Because I will be there for a while and because I may or may not have already taken extensive advantage of my friend’s home, I have been toying with the idea of a hostess gift.

Providing a hostess gift is almost always a good idea, even with just a simple get together. I definitely don’t buy the hosts a star when I attend a dinner party, but I never arrive empty handed. I always want to thank my host/hostess for their generosity even if it’s just through a box of chocolates.

And because someone is offering their home, their food and their facilities to me, it is exceedingly important that I express my gratitude in a tangible manner. Having another family put up with me for a 24/7 probably earns them a metal actually.

However, for this trip I am going on a plane to reach their house, making hostess gifts even more complicated. I can’t utilize my usual gift opinions; I don’t think flowers could quiet get past security and I’m sure a bottle of wine exceeds the prescribed liquid limitations.

After doing some research, Feastly has compiled a list of the most appropriate hostess gifts, with a plane appropriate opinion included. This list also includes some tips when picking out a gift to ensure you make the right choice.


1)   A bottle of wine

This gift is the most apparent, and you’re probably wondering why you even bother to read this blog if I am going to state the obvious. However, before you rush out and give every person who invites you into his or her home a bottle of wine, there are a few things to remember. Does your host drink wine? Many people don’t drink for religious or other reasons. If you’re going to a person’s house that you don’t know very well, it might be best to check this out. Also remember the occasion: if you are going to super bowl Sunday no need to bring your best rose but if you are going to a more elegant event, save your Mikes Hard Lemonade for later, and bring the classy stuff.


2)   A DIY gift

I love when a friend will bring me fresh basil from their garden as a hostess gift. It’s such a great way to share a special treat and at a very low price. Do it yourself gifts can be personal and valued because of their uniqueness. We have neighbors that make their own Bailey’s Irish Cream, and bring us this on many occasions, which is such a special treat. (You can never go wrong with Bailey’s in my humble opinion…) So if you make great homemade hot chocolate mixes or delicious peanut brittle, I’m pretty sure that would make any host happy. But do it yourself does not mean wrapping up some deformed homemade soap and calling it a day. If you’re proud of your DIY gift then others will surely be impressed.


3) Gift Basket

If you are staying with someone or attending a fancy event, getting a more extravagant gift is expected. This doesn’t mean you need drive to Tiffany’s or Neiman Marcus immediately, a gift with slightly more components does the job. My mom loves making gift baskets (like they type sold at Elementary school silent actions… I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about). Receiving a grilling package complete with tongs, BBQ sauce and a new steak rub, is a generous and thoughtful present. However a hostess gift is not just a way to unload your used junk on another person. So your “spa night” gift basket better not contain that used homemade soap again… A gift basket can easily go on the plane just make sure the contents don’t include any large knifes or toxic liquids.


Let us know what you like to give as hostess presents! And describe the best hostess gift ever received!

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