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Father’s Day

I’ll be the first to admit my father is a horrible cook, mostly because he is so spoiled by my mother’s fantastic cooking. When I was a kid my dad used to make green bean casserole every Thanksgiving so that he could say he contributed to Thanksgiving dinner. Now this casserole was pretty disgusting from what I can remember, and finally he realized everyone hated eating it and he hated making it so he just stopped after a few years.

But just because my dad can’t cook doesn’t mean I don’t want him hanging out in the kitchen and enjoying our meals in together. I love having him sitting in the kitchen and listening to Fleetwood Mac with me. Some of my best memories include the two of us singing a duet to Landslide while I chop vegetables.

And although cooking is not his strong suit, entertaining is another story. My dad is always the life of every party and my family throws dinner parties every chance they can get. From the music to the decor to the customized cocktails, my dad has got entertaining down to an art form.

That’s why for father’s day I want to get him a gift that encourages him to be with me in the kitchen, and adds to the ambiance of our kitchen area. I also want to get him a gift that address his passion of entertaining.

Feastly has picked out the top three Father’s day gifts that go along with the theme of enhancing the kitchen, cooking, and entraining. No matter your father’s hobbies, hopefully you get inspired by this Feastly related gifts!


We got this ice ball maker for my dad for Christmas, and he is absolutely obsessed with it. It is an inexpensive and unique gift that will sure to have your father busting out his best scotch. Simply fill the ice ball mold with water and let it freeze. Pour your alcohol over the ice ball instead of over the rocks for your next party. The ice ball is very dense and takes much longer to melt, making sure your drink doesn’t get watery.


This grill kit is a great way to get your dad involved in the cooking process. Grilling is so simple; it is hard to mess up even if your dad isn’t the greatest cook. How can he not love the idea of flipping burgers with a cold glass of beer at hand? Even if he isn’t into grilling, like my dad, he can more than appreciate the amazing rubs included in the kit that he will definitely be enjoying on his next steak.


This gift set of cheeses from Murray’s is the perfect way to entice your dad into the kitchen. In my family we always leave out appetizers while we cook, just to tide us over. That way everyone in my family hangs out in the kitchen while my mom and I are cooking. I really believe the kitchen is such a great place to have family time and reconnect. This cheese board is also perfect to bust out when having a get together; you’re friends will indubitably be impressed by your delicious cheese selection!

Have a wonderful Father’s day and let Feastly know what you did with your family!


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