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Outdoor Dining

Something about eating al fresco is so magical during the summer. Imagine: the hum of birds chirping in the trees; the smell of zucchini on the grill; the fading summer light glowing softly on a glass of iced tea (long island of course).

I always try to eat outside as soon as the weather starts to warm slightly. I love enjoying fresh pesto while a small breeze rustles my napkin and the fruit trees in my backyard. Unfortunately, my neighbors always decide to mow their lawns as soon as I sit down to eat. It’s like they looked out the window, see me eating and decide it is the perfect time to trim their yard, chop down a tree or begin reconstructing their entire house. Despite these minor, okay major, annoyances I always reflect positively on summer outdoor dining.

The perfect dinner music…

Eating outside is great because it can be so casual. It is almost like a picnic, so no need to use a table cloth or break out your china. Preparation can be minimal and the mood can be relaxed. It’s a great time to retire your button ups and bust out that Hawaiian shirt you’ve been dying to wear.

So read these tips, light up the grill and plan an al fresco dinner party immediately!

1)   The more candles the better

By now you have noticed Feastly’s enthusiasm for candles. They make parties so much more intimate and candles outside are also a breathtaking sight.

2)   Don’t forget the bug repellent

Nothing repulses guests like flies landing all over their food. Cover dishes with lids or napkins when not being served to avoid attracting bugs. Also be sure to spray some bug repellent before your guests arrive. Another benefit of candles is that they attract mosquitoes. This is good because then they are less likely to bite your guests if they are attracted to the candles.

3)   Plan on grilling

If you have a grill, use it! Grilled food is so quintessentially summer, and not to mention insanely easy to make. So buy some burger patties or fresh vegetables and grill them for a quick, fragrant and delicious meal.

4)   Keep it fresh

Dining al fresco is a great excuse to eat fresh, light foods. Heavy, hot foods don’t seem to go well with the heavy, hot summer air. Instead invest in refreshing salads, crisp fruits and cool starches, such as pasta or potato salad.

5)   Bring a finger food dessert

Dining outside really brings out the kid inside of everyone. For this reason, make a dessert that is a finger food. Brownies, cookies or any types of bars are great for casual eating. If you have a fire pit or even candles, roast marshmallows and make smores! Nothing says outdoor dining like a face covered in ‘mallows and melted Hershey’s.

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