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Place settings

It seems like just yesterday that I was absolutely dreading going to cotillion every Sunday night. I was overwhelmingly humiliated that I was at least three heads taller than every boy, and I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to forget this mortification. However, I did learn one thing that I will never forget and unwillingly use in my daily life. I’m embarrassed to admit, despite my protest to my parents, that cotillion was good for something, so hopefully my parents aren’t reading this.

I am going to share this tip with you, and although you may laugh I promise you will use it more than you think. Take your pointer finger and your thumb and form a circle while straighten your other fingers. You will find that the your left hand looks like an under case B while your right hand looks like an under case D. With the help of this trick and my middle school cotillion, you will always remember that your bread plate is supposed to be on the left while your drink is supposed to be on the right. So next time you are at a fancy meal and you can’t remember if your drink is to the right or if your neighbor’s is, just do this quick hand trick in your lap.

Okay that is the end of the blog post, that’s all I wanted to share! Hope you appreciated it!

Just kidding I have more wisdom to share don’t worry.

Knowing a proper place setting isn’t just important when attending a meal, but also when setting the table for your own gatherings. I remember always volunteering to be the example in cotillion when we learned about formal place settings because that person got a free meal (yes I did go through a chubby phase). But unfortunately I don’t remember a formal or informal place setting to this day.

However, knowing the appropriate way to set a table is an important part of hosting. For that reason I always consult this diagram when getting ready for a dinner party. After I compile the menu for a dinner, I can reference this diagram and ensure that I am allocating the proper silverware to each person and putting each item in its place.

Hopefully you use both the diagram and my seemingly immature (yet useful) tip at your next dinner party or dinner out! Your guests are sure to appreciate your well set table, and place setting accuracy, so take time to study the diagram before your next get together!

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