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Based on Feastly’s last few posts, you probably think we have some sort of sick obsession with centerpieces. While we may be guilty of that charge, we promise it is for you own goods. Centerpieces instantly add class and elegance to any of your hosted events. We can assure you that your guests’ opinion of you will instantly improve upon seeing one of these centerpieces. And if they don’t voice their approval, they definitely like you much more even if only subconsciously. In this post we will teach you how make simple, sustainable centerpieces with common household items (you own a life size fish tank right?) So channel your inner Martha Stewart and chose one of these to prepare for your next dinner party.

1)   Beyond centerpieces, we also have an obsession with jam jars here at Feastly. This centerpiece is beyond easy and also very charming. Simply place tea candles in mason jars filled with water and set them in clusters around the dinner table. Tie plain string or brightly colored ribbon around the rims of the jars, for some texture or a pop of color. This centerpiece perfectly matches the theme of a rustic dinner party or an organic garden party, and can be made in mere seconds with many variations.

2)   I went to a beautiful outdoor, summer dinner party last year and the host used this centerpiece idea. The only light was coming from the candles, which cast soft, warm light on everyone and led to a very intimate atmosphere. The concept is so simple; just stick a long candle into the stem of an empty wine bottle with all of its labels peeled away. The wax drips down the bottle, creating delicate, interesting patterns, and the centerpieces actually look more elegant the longer the candles are burned so take your time replacing them.

3)   This centerpiece is whimsical and creative, insuring immediate compliments from all your guests. First simply stick a small stemmed, fresh flower into the end of a light bulb. I have seen people then hang the light bulb, but for the purpose of my addiction we will turn this into a centerpiece. Place the light bulb on a napkin ring, or any sort of round item that will give it a flat surface. Hot glue the bulb to the rings together if they are having trouble balancing on the rings. Make many of these and prop them down the center of the table.


Now that Feastly has given you all the tools to become the next design star, go out and experiment with these ideas. Make them your own! Maybe fill the mason jars with water and put individual fish in them (just kidding we don’t support animal cruelty). Let us know if you have any additional centerpiece ideas, we love the feedback from you dinner party pros!

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