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Thank You Notes

In our age of increasing technology, the majority of dinner party attendants have turned away from the old-school “thank you” note, in favor of the, “thanks for having me” email. At Feastly, we encourage you to bring back the hand written note.

Many people may be tempted to send a thank you email, just for convenience sake or because they “don’t want to waste the paper.” But next time you are in the car heading back from a dinner party, refrain from taking your iPhone and clicking out a quick thank you text. Instead, have some class and take it old school by writing a real card (maybe even go super old-school and use a quill and parchment), and sending it snail mail.

I’m sure most of us have ghastly memories regarding thank you note. I can still remember the fill in the blank notes my mom forced on me after my clown themed birthday party in first grade. It was traumatic. 

And I’m sure as you are reading this post you are visualizing how horribly strenuous it would be to physically take out a card, write something that passed as genuine, and walk the two block to the nearest mail box. But push all those negative thoughts aside and picture this instead.

After a long, exhausting day of work, when getting the mail you see a thank you note scattered between your bills and pizza promotions. The thank you note is simple and sweet, on some plain stationary. For the first time all day you feel genuinely appreciated, even though it was just thanking you for the spaghetti and meatballs you made your friend last week. You pin the thank you note to your refrigerator with a magnet and you smile as a single tear runs down your face and beautiful aria plays in the background. (Scene.)

So next time you are thinking about how best to say thank you after a meal, remember this story, and avoid the simple thank you text/email/tweet/Facebook post.

Your host will appreciate it, you’ll feel better, and you may just get another dinner invite, too. Now do yourself a favor and buy some really cool stationary or note cards and bring some of the classy manners back.

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