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Memoirs of a Gyoza

On Thursday, March 22, Greer and Lisa (of Winter for Fidel fame) hosted Memoirs of a Gyoza in honor of the 100th anniversary of Japan’s gift of cherry blossom trees to Washington, D.C.

The cooks commemorated the flavors and culture of Japan through the ancient art of sushi making. And, they dressed in full geisha costumes!

Greer and Lisa converted their home into a sushi rolling classroom, letting Feasters make sushi combinations that included carrot, cucumber, crab, smoked salmon, mackerel, bacon, umeboshi, avocado, roe, sprouts, mango, coconut, cashews, tuna, apples, sesame seeds, and more!

Guests then enjoyed homemade green tea honey mochi.

What a perfect way to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful Cherry Blossoms!

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