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Food Meets Tech

Feastly was featured on Food Meets Tech!

Feastly: Turn Your Home into a Virtual Restaurant

“Of all the jobs I’ve worked, my restaurant job is the one I miss.  I worked as a waitress and as a cook at a local restaurant in my hometown during high school and the summers between college.  I don’t want to romanticize the pain of 8-hour shifts on concrete floors or the trials of dealing with the public, but there it is.  I miss the friendly banter with customers, feeling triumphant when I could remember every order in a large party, and providing people with sustenance to make it through their day.

“So when I heard about Feastly, I was intrigued.  Based in Washington, DC, Feastly is a new startup that lets you play restaurant owner/dinner host for an evening.  According to their slogan, they “connect hungry eaters with passionate cooks to offer authentic meals prepared and served in a cook’s home”.  In short, you’re inviting new people into your home to sell them a meal of your choosing.

“How exactly does Feastly work?  Interested cooks contact Feastly to register to host a meal and indicate a meal theme, menu, and cost per person.  The meal is advertised to potential diners via Twitter, Facebook, and Feastly’s distribution list.  Potential diners can read about upcoming meals and the cooks preparing them, then prepay if they find a meal they’d like to join.

“Feastly is based upon the premise that “few restaurants can create the wonderful flavors and inviting atmosphere of a home cooked meal around the dining room table with good company”.  That’s a little more than merely selling someone a meal.  Feastly is just as much about the social aspect of eating as it is the food itself, and that’s something that many people can identify with.  I’d love to see them expand beyond the DC area.

“If you’re interested in learning about the meals they’ve hosted (there have been nine thus far), you can find photos and information on their blog: eatfeastly.”

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