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“Feastly Reinvents the Idea of the City Family Meal”

We are humbled by this wonderful review of last night’s meal by Carl Pierre of In The Capital. In his words:

“The best part about this entire experience was how incredibly natural and at ease I felt in a situation that would typically put me outside of my comfort zone. The idea of eating a meal with people you don’t know at a stranger’s house may seem off-putting, but what I experienced that evening was more akin to sharing the company of close family while enjoying one of the best home-cooked meals I’ve had in quite some time. What should have been a burrito night in front of a tv turned into an amazing home-cooked meal with even better company to share it with.

After last night I am now a Feastly believer, and will definitely be signing up for another amazing meal in the future.”

Read the entire article here. See all of Carl’s photos here.

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