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Social summer and social connections on Feastly!

Did you know that with Feastly’s relaunched social connection features you can check in to see who’s going to the same meals as you? Log in with Facebook and see for yourself (encourage your friends to do the same); you’ll see all meals your attending, have craved, or have attended in the past.   You’ll also view through social connections: Friends who have craved the same meals (so start craving!) People you know who are also friends with the Cook Friends who’ve feasted at the meal you’re interested in Feastly meals your friends have attended by the same Cook We believe firmly that community is the key to delicious experiences, and we want you to stay connected with fellow Feasters. Social dining is hot, hot, hot and we’re all in for a #socialsummer! Let us know on what you think of the social connections relaunch, email me directly Feast On, Lauren (Community) & The Feastly Team

Summerfeast Contest Wrap-up

Thank you to all the participants that entered our Summerfeast contest! We received many beautiful entries depicting summer and food. It was hard to choose just one person for the prize of 2 free seats since each picture had its own unique vision. Here are some of our favorites from the contest.   Clockwise from top left: farmer’s market strawberries (@catwood10), green bean soup (@chowtownstudios), stove-top berries (ryan_ochsner), Italian gelato (@oliveoilsweetpea). And our winner is from @elliesf: There will be upcoming contests both on Instagram and Twitter in the coming weeks so stay tuned to win a great Feastly prize! Feast on!