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Feastly and LoveMeButter

September Photo Contest: Source locally, snap photo, win!

Eating exclusively farm-to-table is idyllic, but tough, especially as we rush from work to prepare dinner, or make time for an elaborate brunch between yoga class and shopping trips. There are many great ways to eat and support local producers, but we don’t think sourcing locally should stop at the supermarket or farmers markets. Feastly is partnering with LoveMeButter to provide you with the best grass-fed meat, pastured dairy and wild-caught seafood from Bay Area farmers. LoveMeButter is a delivery-to-your-door subscription service that provides their customers with everyday items like meat, dairy, seafood, eggs, butter – without the hormones and inhumane treatment. Plain and simple, it’s good food from local farmers, unadulterated and ready for you to craft amazing recipes with! Now’s your lucky chance to win a basket from Feastly and LoveMeButter by posting a picture of how you source locally. Here’s the deal: Post a new and original picture to Instagram of your locally-based food – whether you’ve grown it yourself, supported a local farmer, or shared a recipe with a neighbor. Caption the …

Great Expectations by a Friendly Feaster

With so many dining options available it’s important to consider what you are looking for from a meal. A friendly Feaster, Mona of the Bay Area in California, shares her insights on what she has come to expect when attending Feastly dinners, supper clubs and pop-ups near her. Read on to discover what you could be walking into at your next Feastly food experience! What I’ve Come to Expect at a Feastly Meal I just got back from my second Feastly meal (an amazing southern coastal meal by Ryan and Cayce aka Break & Gather). While both of my meals were unique experiences, they shared a number of very important similarities that seem to be at the core of all Feastly meals. I wanted to share some of those with you: 1. Amazing food Let’s start with the obvious. I’m sure this would not come as a huge surprise to you, but the food at Feastly meals has been AMAZING. From intricate appetizers to flavorful main courses to delightful desserts, both of my Feastly meals have …

Feastly’s Artisan Series

We’re excited to announce a special series featuring some of the most talented and passionate producers in the San Francisco Bay Area. This 3-part series beginning next week exclusively to our cook community will celebrate artisans doing what they love and do best!