Hollandaise for a Crowd

Chef Andrew perfected this complex recipe in order to serve batches of 20+ simultaneous plates of eggs Benedict at his pop-up brunches. We thought it was impressive (and delicious) enough to share.

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350 g white wine
70 g white wine vinegar
80 g minced shallots
1 ea bay leaf
1 ea thyme sprig
7 ea peppercorns

Hollandaise Base x3:
230 g yolks
60 g water
60 g Gastrique
2 g salt

To finish (per base package):
226 g butter
5 mL lemon juice
a/n salt


Reduce to 120 g and strain through a sieve. Note: if you reduced

Hollandaise Base x3:
Preheat circulated bath to 65C. Combine all ingredients and dive into three 120 g bags. Cook for 30 minutes and chill.

To Finish:
Preheat circulated bath to 53 C. Warm base in bath. Melt butter. Whisk seasoning into base. Slowly whisk in butter to emulsify. Pour mixture into warm ISI siphon gun. Charge with two NO2 cartridges, shaking in between each. Hold ISI gun in bath until ready to use.