#GirlsWithKnives: A Month of Women in Food

Women’s History is Food History

Who runs the world? Girls. From chefs to entrepreneurs and every gal in between, ladies in food are carving out a movement in the culinary space on their own terms.

To celebrate National Women’s History Month, Feastly is highlighting those who get left out of a typically masculine narrative. While we always aim to be less biased in our discussions, #girlswithknives is a month-long quest to elevate the innovative, talented, and totally badass women who are changing the face of the culinary industry.
Our #girlswithknives are all-inclusive, from women thriving in traditionally male-dominated kitchens and those who have bootstrapped their own businesses. Last year, we featured an amazing array of culinary power players — butchers, knife-makers, restaurateurs, pastry chefs, caterers, CEO’s, bloggers, and so many more.

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