Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Knives



Knives are arguably a cook’s most important tools, so we asked some Feastly chefs about the blades they can’t live without. What we got was a whole lot of inspiration to add to our proverbial (and literal) knife block.

Curious about knife care? Here’s what some of our chefs do:

  • Tommy Brown hones his knife with a steel before and after every use.
  • Frances Ang only uses Japanese water stones to sharpen his knife.
  • Lindsay Kinder takes her knife to a butcher every three months to get sharpened.
  • Joey DeBruin stores his knife in a block and hones it once for each hour that he uses it.
  • Charles Hanks and Pietro Butitta both use 1000 grit whetstones to sharpen their blades.
  • Elizabeth McCoy keeps her knife in a clean, dry cloth when not in use.

And just remember: always hand wash and hand dry your knife! As Morimoto once said: “Japanese chefs believe our soul goes into our knives once we start using them. You wouldn’t put your soul in the dishwasher!”

Sharpen Your Knife Skills

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