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Video Recipe: Mochiko Chicken Katsu

Video Recipe: Mochiko Chicken Katsu

During my childhood summers in Hawaii I was introduced to two fried chicken dishes: Chicken Katsu and Mochiko Chicken. Chicken Katsu is a Japanese dish prepared by coating chicken cutlets and coating them in egg and panko bread crumbs then deep-frying. Though I’m not aware of the origin of Mochiko chicken, it was a dish commonly prepared at my family parties.

Dolma Recipe

Video Recipe: The Dolma of Istanbul Armenians

Perhaps some of the 70,000 Armenians who now live in Istanbul would raise an eyebrow to this dish. Pine nuts and raisins are only used for stuffing green peppers but not for stuffing grape leaves! We at Istanbul Modern SF think the idiosyncrasies of different dishes and culinary traditions are things to celebrate, bringing people together rather than to set them apart. Perhaps a recipe for this familiar dish is too prescriptive, though, we will provide one.

Geoffrey Reed of Ichido: A Chef Who Catches What He Cooks

IcIchido Chef Geoffrey and Ichido from Patrick Wong on Vimeo. This summer, I had a chance to go fishing for my first time with Feastly chef, Geoffrey Reed. Geoffrey, the visionary behind Japanese pop-up, Ichido, fishes whenever he gets a chance so that he can give his diners a literal taste of the Bay. After our catch, I was able to see how Geoffrey prepares for Ichido, course after course. Because each dinner depends on the catches of the week, every experience is different. And every experience is tasty.