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Recipe: Coconut Garlic Croutons

The inspiration for this recipe came from a desire to enhance the simple salad, and I was looking for flavors that blended well with our other Filipino-inspired dishes. These garlic-coconut croutons were the result. They’re perfect as a salad topping…or as a snack, hot off the baking tray.

Indonesian Eggplant Sambal

This recipe is the simplest way to make this hearty eggplant dish. Of course, you can elaborate by adding kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and even belacan (shrimp paste) to the sauce. If you just want to whip up something quickly for dinner, this recipe is already delicious.

English Muffin Recipe

English Muffin Recipe [video]

With their fluffy crags and crisp exteriors, English muffins have become a breakfast staple –there is no better vehicle for rich Hollandaise sauce or melted butter. The best part? You can make them at home with a few ingredients and a little patience. With this recipe, brunch extraordinaire Andrew McCormack will have you ditching the sleeve of store-bought muffins and breaking out your griddle.

[VIDEO] San Francisco’s Porridge Revival

Kantine Porridge Popup Video credit: Moe Brandi & Jakob Balslev of NomHQ Porridge is runny or grey no longer! On February 5, Chef Nichole Accettola of KantineSF hosted her first “Nordic Porridge Brunch” in the Mission. The menu, comprised of savory and sweet porridges with diverse stir-ins and toppings, showcases one of Nichole’s favorite food memories from her time living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Want to learn more about Nichole and her Scandinavian pop-up? Check out our interview.

Cassava cake

Cassava Cake With Flan Topping

Cassava cake is one of the more popular Filipino desserts and is quite easy to prepare. It’s made with grated cassava (yucca), coconut milk, eggs, and several other ingredients. My interpretation of my mom’s cassava cake comes with a decadent flan topping – as the icing!

Wolf & Blossom: A Pop-Up Video

Video: Brandon James, C2R Productions / Facebook: Brandon ‘bj’ James / Instagram: @create2relate DJ: Shai’la Yvonne / Facebook: DjShai / Instagram: @shailayvonne At Wolf & Blossom’s Modern Mexican Fusion event on January 10, Chef Henry Orellana treated diners to a contemporary menu layered with cultural tradition and California flavor. Paying homage to his roots, this chef is committed to creating Mexican food “worthy of recognition.” The menus are inspired by Henry’s mother and the richness of his heritage, but he crafts each dish with the elevated techniques and presentation he garnered from his professional restaurant experience.

poached eggs for a crowd

Poached Eggs for a Crowd

Everyone loves eating poached eggs but most people don’t enjoy making them. To alleviate this painful process of breaking yolks while poaching large batches of eggs, we caught up with chef Andrew McCormack to get his recipe for poaching eggs for a crowd. Andrew gets a lot of practice by serving Eggs Benedict to 24+ diners at his popular brunch pop-ups so he’s our official egg poaching expert.