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Onion-Poppyseed Bialy Recipe

The bialy is a distant cousin of the bagel. Both were brought to New York City in the early 20th century by Eastern European Jewish immigrants. The bialy specifically comes from Bialystok, Poland. It’s dough is quite different than bagel dough, however, having more water content and no sweeteners or oils. Although this amazing recipe hasn’t caught on as much as the bagel has, it really is one of the world’s great, simple flatbreads.

Kuku Sabzi: Persian Herb Frittata Recipe

If you see the word “frittata” and think “Been there, done that,” think again. This Iranian variety, kuku sabzi, is the perfect way to perk up tired taste buds.  It’s generally served during Nowruz, or Persian New Year, to symbolize rebirth and fertility…but we love it so much we’re eating it all year long.

The ratio of herbs to eggs is much higher than a typical omelet or frittata, making it ideal for when you’ve got a fridge full of greens that are about to go bad. This recipe calls for cilantro, dill, and parsley, but feel free to experiment with other greens you may have on hand.

Earl Grey Madeleines

Recipe: Earl Grey Madeleines

These delicate, classic cookies get a delightful twist from the ground Earl Grey tea leaves in the batter! A staple on the afternoon tea table, madeleines are perfectly sweet and soft-textured. They are best enjoyed fresh out of the oven, so try and enjoy them within an hour of baking!

Easy Lavender Frosé Recipe

Recipe: Lavender Frosé

Hot summer days were made for sippin’ rosé poolside.  And while rosé is perfectly delicious and refreshing right out of the bottle, it reaches new heights as frosé—a brut rosé sweetened ever so slightly with homemade lavender simple syrup, then frozen and blended to a slushy consistency.