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Vegan lox

Vegan Lox aka Smoked, Salt-Roasted Carrot

This vegan lox recipe provides the savory and smoky notes of traditional smoked salmon…sans the salmon! This vegan lox is also the perfect excuse to add to your culinary gadgets collection. Handheld smoke guns are perfect for quickly infusing flavor without firing up the backyard grill or smoker. Not enough cabinet space? You can use liquid smoke, too. So get cooking – this vegan lox is just begging to appear on your next brunch platter.

Recipe: Coconut Garlic Croutons

The inspiration for this recipe came from a desire to enhance the simple salad, and I was looking for flavors that blended well with our other Filipino-inspired dishes. These garlic-coconut croutons were the result. They’re perfect as a salad topping…or as a snack, hot off the baking tray.

Vegan Carrot Celeriac Soup With Walnut & Beluga Lentils

Carrot, Celeriac, and Walnut Soup with Beluga Lentils

Lightly seasoned with mint and a hint of tarragon, this delicious dish is filled with nutrition. Beluga or black lentils are easy to digest and high in protein, perfect for the aspiring plant-based eater whose digestive system is not used to to a high-carb diet associated with beans.

The walnuts add “healthy” fat that is nourishing to the brain and the heart, supporting healthy cholesterol levels. They also add rich texture to the soup without making it feel too heavy. Warm and grounding, this soup will melt away the stresses of your day.