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20 Gifs to Help You Survive Thanksgiving

The turkey’s still frozen, half the relatives are late (or drunk upon arrival), and there are too many cooks in the kitchen…literally. Here are 2o Thanksgiving gifs to help you survive the holiday with a smile. …because Thanksgiving is just about eating, right? Thanksgiving is a time for establishing new traditions…like costumes! However, eating is still our favorite tradition. As Louis C.K once said, “The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.” New startup idea:, compete with drawstring customization and size XXXXXL. Cheers to the family member(s) we invite out of obligation…because we love them, of course. They’re also extra “help” in the kitchen. When in doubt, order out. Thanksgiving dinner is served at lunch time…so that dinner can be the holy leftovers sandwich. Proper Thanksgiving etiquette involves small bites and minimal eye contact with Uncle Bob. Questions to incite rage at the Thanksgiving table: “How’s your love life?” “Who did you vote for?” “Is this gravy homemade?” Pro-tip on how to avoid drama: eat all the things. Don’t …

Feastly Insider’s Thanksgiving Tips & Recipes From Chefs

We polled our chefs and food aficionados for their best-of Thanksgiving tips and recipes for you. Got a tip you want to share? Add it below in the comments. Tip 1: Prepare a 4-day game plan. It’s never too early to start planning!  Build your menu and grocery list now. Avoid the last minute rush by shopping two days before you need ingredients. Here’s an extended game-plan from Chef Adam:  The Four Days of Thanksgiving.  Tip 2: Change up the classics (but not too much). Tired of eating the same dishes but still want to cater to friends and family with a hankering for Thanksgiving classics? Chef Leo uses tangy Granny Smith apples to perk up his gravy. Chef Philip suggests giving your stuffing a refreshing zing with yuzu, a Japanese citrus (check out his cookbook here). Or, make a meal on the grill starting with this simple, smoked mashed potatoes recipe. Tip3: To brine or not to brine – either way, this is the year to get scientific! Chef Phi recommended this in-depth story from Serious Eat’s …

Be This Year’s Holiday Party Hero

Yes, we’re talking about those holidays. It’s not Christmas in July. We know it’s early, but venues for this year’s holiday parties are filling up fast! Submit your shindig requests now and we’ll help you plan a bash that will make you the star of the season. How To Be This Year’s Holiday Party Hero If you’re the planner:  Don’t skimp on the food. And remember, holiday lunches = hooky from work! Bowling is lame. Cooking classes are not. Keep the alcohol flowing – social lubricant is key. Throw in fun party additions, like photo booths and chocolate fountains! Decorate to impress. Check out Table & Teaspoon rental settings here. If you’re a party-goer: Make sure to rock that “ugly” holiday sweater. Work the room. This is a social event, not a high school dance. Remember – you don’t become a better singer the more you drink. Look around. If you can’t spot the humbug, it’s you. Don’t talk work…or politics. Plan a holiday party worth toasting!