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Be This Year’s Holiday Party Hero

Yes, we’re talking about those holidays. It’s not Christmas in July. We know it’s early, but venues for this year’s holiday parties are filling up fast! Submit your shindig requests now and we’ll help you plan a bash that will make you the star of the season. How To Be This Year’s Holiday Party Hero If you’re the planner:  Don’t skimp on the food. And remember, holiday lunches = hooky from work! Bowling is lame. Cooking classes are not. Keep the alcohol flowing – social lubricant is key. Throw in fun party additions, like photo booths and chocolate fountains! Decorate to impress. Check out Table & Teaspoon rental settings here. If you’re a party-goer: Make sure to rock that “ugly” holiday sweater. Work the room. This is a social event, not a high school dance. Remember – you don’t become a better singer the more you drink. Look around. If you can’t spot the humbug, it’s you. Don’t talk work…or politics. Plan a holiday party worth toasting!

Your 2017 Challenge: Go To A PopUp “Alone”

Image Credit: Jonny Hunter Why You Can And Should Dine Solo At PopUps 2017 is in full swing and we’re raring up for a year of new experiences. Join us! We challenge you to head to a popup event sans friend or date. It’s a great way to meet new people, try delicious cuisine, and break out of your comfort zone. Not convinced? Check out our strategies for rocking the solo dining experience. Because going to a popup alone is actually the opposite of eating alone. They are generally communal, and it turns out sitting next to strangers is awesome! Like the first week in your college dorm, embrace the camaraderie!  The chef is front and center. A popup chef is very present, telling the story of each dish. Diners are also encouraged to interact with the chef, which is an experience one is not usually afforded in a typical restaurant. You pay for one, but you dine with many. One ticket to a popup gets you an unexpected culinary experience, but it’s also a social engagement. …