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#GirlsWithKnives Spotlight: Manresa Alum + Thai Chef Lalita Kaewsawang

Lalita has been cooking since she was 8 years old, learning how to make different dishes from her grandmother, father, and neighbors. She left Thailand as a teen, attending high school and college in the United States. Out of her college dorm, Lalita ran an inf0rmal pop-up and eventually decided to pursue cooking full time. She has cooked in New Orleans, Chicago, and in Los Gatos, California at three Michelin-starred Manresa. Currently, she’s hosting Thai pop-ups in Santa Cruz and San Francisco through HANLOH.

Meet Chelsea Miller, The Girl Who Makes The Knives

Chelsea Miller is quite literally the girl with the knife….er, the woman with the knife. For the past six years, she has been forging artisan kitchen knives out of a small shop in Brooklyn, NY. From peddling her wares at a humble flea market stand to making knifes for Mario Batali and the chefs of Eleven Madison Park, Chelsea embodies art, entrepreneurship, and a dedication to providing a seriously quality product.

#GirlsWithKnives Interview: Culinary Creative Kathleen Schaffer

Kathleen Schaffer began her culinary journey at local restaurants in New Hope, Pennsylvania, her historic hometown along the Delaware River. She attended New York University and studied fine arts and art history, but she always worked in restaurants. It eventually became apparent that she was building a career in food over one in the arts, and what has unfolded is innumerable eclectic and prestigious positions in the industry – almost too many to list!