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How Plant-Based Mexican Food Just Might Change The World

Jocelyn Ramirez is a Southeast Los Angeles native and the chef/founder of Todo Verde, a roving Latin American plant-based kitchen providing Los Angeles with healthy and affordable vegan eats. We sat down with her to talk about the perceived challenges of vegan Mexican cuisine, how food can be a catalyst for social change, and how agua frescas started it all.

Tips From Portland Grillmaster Ed Sablan

Chef Ed Sablan is the chef/owner of Portland’s popular food cart, PDX671, an homage to the food of his Guamanian home. Ed recently started hosting pop-up dinners with Feastly Portland, and he’s been dazzling diners with his expertly grilled meat and vegetable dishes. Want to see the master at work? Get Ahead Of The Game Ed’s recommendation is to sous vide your proteins, especially if you plan on feeding a crowd. You can do it in advance and it helps tenderize the cuts. “I season and marinade my spare ribs, then sous vide them for about three hours at 75 degrees Celsius.” When you’re ready to serve, re-heat in a water bath, remove them from the bags, and finish them on the grill for 10 minutes. Don’t worry if they look grey at first – the grill will give them a nice caramel color. Fuel The Flavor Ed always chooses to grill over charcoal or wood “because it contributes the most to flavor. Want less flavor? Use gas.” Fan The Flames When you’re grilling, a …

Green chermoula

Green Chermoula Recipe

Chermoula, a North African sauce traditionally paired with grilled seafood, has many variations. This one is a lighter, green version as opposed to the red variety that often contains a lot of chili peppers and paprika. It’s garlicky, lemony, and herbaceous notes make it perfect as a marinade, in dressings, or alone as a simple condiment. Try it on vegetables and tofu! I use it on savory grilled portobello mushrooms at my Moroccan-themed pop-up dinners. It’s also an extremely simple recipe – just grab your herbs and your food processor!

Pop Up Duo Brings Breton Cuisine To Portland

A dinner with Penn Sardin PDX is both a study in culture and a culinary experience. With seafood-forward menus and a unique roster of wines and ciders, Penn Sardin showcases the cuisine of Brittany in the Pacific Northwest. Liz White and Simon Lowry, the duo behind the popup, met at Portland’s Olympia Oyster Bar, where she is a cook and he runs the wine program.