Author: Melissa Edwards

Chef Newsletter – November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Chef! The holiday season is in full swing and we’re super excited. Here are some useful updates to help you market your meals better, earn more money with us and more! November Updates & Announcements: Hosting out of the Feastly HQ or any other Feastly space? We updated our Guidelines. View more details HERE. If you are hosting out of any Feastly location, you must post your menu at least 2 weeks in advance or your reserved space is subject to be given to another chef. Know anyone that would be an awesome Feastly chef? Refer them to Feastly and earn up to $300 cash via our Refer-A-Chef program! Earn MONEY for referring your network to cook with Feastly. Find out more HERE. Interested in collaborating in a meal with another Feastly chef? Fill out interest HERE. Are you missing out on updates in our Feastly Chef Facebook Group? Join NOW. Any questions? Email Melissa at! Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with lots of love, joy and good eats of course! We …

Refer-A-Chef Program

Hey chef, it’s time to spread the Feastly love and earn cash! Know any talented, creative and skilled cook friends? Awesome! Tell them to apply with Feastly at Become a Cook. The first time they host with us you will receive $150 cash! The second time they host with us you will receive another $75 and the third time they host you will cash in on another $75! That is up to $300 bucks! Sweet deal, eh? REFER-A-CHEF PROGRAM Step 1. Refer Your Chef/Cook Friends  There can never be too many cooks in Feastly’s kitchens. Know anyone that would be an awesome Feastly chef? Awesome! Refer them to us for some extra dough (and we don’t mean bread). Step 2. We bring them on board. Tell your friends to apply online and if we think they are a great fit, voila they become a Feastly chef! Be sure you contact cheflove@eatfeastly and let us know you referred them! Step 3. We pay you up to $300 cash once they start hosting. The first time your referral …

Top 5 Reasons We LOVE Tacos

1. You know a food is royalty if it has its own day dedicated to it. 2. Any food that provides an option to go “Baja style” should be applauded. 3. An amazing, juicy taco can take you out of this world and beyond. 4. You can enjoy tacos for both dinner AND dessert. 5. You have the opportunity to eat SIX different tacos by three different chefs all in one single sitting. Yes, you’re welcome.   Join us Saturday, October 17th for Feastly’s fourth showdown featuring fish tacos! What: SF “Fish Taco Showdown” Pop-up Who: Feastly When: Saturday, October 17th 6:30pm-8:30pm Where: Secret Pop-Up Space in Mission, SF How: Book Tickets Here Fried, battered or grilled… which will be the winning dish?! YOU be the judge! The competition is sizzling and will feature taco dishes from top Feastly chefs Geoffrey Reed, Tracy Goh, and Mystical Greatrick. Are you ready to jump into the fun!?    

Top 5 Reasons Brunch is ALWAYS a Good Idea

1. It is totally acceptable and encouraged to order dishes like “Nutella, Honey Bacon Stuffed French Toast Caramelized with Candied Pecans and Tiny Marshmallows”. 2. Because drinking champagne during the day makes you feel like this: 3. You can order a full entree AND a stack of pancakes on the side, because you want a “few bites” of something sweet. No shame. 4. Brunch options are so good, serious focus is vital when it comes to deciding what you are going to order. 5. The feeling of achievement when you order the best dish and all your friends gawk at the beauty and magic that is your plate(s). Love brunching? Feastly now has a ton of fantastic brunches, including sous-vide fusion, Parisian fare and Japanese classics. Check them out at Get your brunch on.

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Miss The San Francisco Bacon Showdown

1. Bacon has you all like: 2. You love the smell of this bouquet. 3. You would wake up at 7am just to surf these waves. 4. When you look  up at the sky this is all you see. 5. You’re ready to take the plunge into a culinary adventure of EPIC BACON proportions. Get your bacon fix going and book tickets asap to the The SF Bacon Showdown! Take part in this epic culinary battle showcasing everyone’s favorite BFF…BACON. What: SF “Bacon v. Bacon v. Bacon” Pop-up Who: Feastly When: Saturday, August 1st, 6-8pm Where: Secret Pop-Up Space in Mission, SF How: Book Tickets Here You’ll get your hands on three different bacon-centric dishes deliciously prepared by Feastly top chefs (Break & Gather, Geoffrey Reed, Eric Pascual), along with wine and live music. Who will hog the trophy? You be the judge.  

Feastly Recap: The 2015 Fried Chicken Sandwich Showdown

On June 6th things really went cluck at the Feastly headquarters as top Feastly chefs battled it out for their fried chicken sandwich to reign supreme in our inaugural launch of cooking showdowns. The Fried Chicken Sandwich Showdown brought fierce competition and hungry Feasters to some fowl battle. Feastly chef competitors included Cayce Terrill Wilson and Ryan Ochsner of Break and Gather, Tracy Goh of EatWithTracy and Sadie Dawson of TaDa Table. 50 Feasters arrived at a loft in the Mission and were warmly greeted with the sweet aroma of crispy fried chicken in the air, white wine and live music from folk singer Dane Ohri. The judges included Grant Marek from Thrillist , Stephanie Hua of Lick My Spoon, Peter Kane from SF Weekly, Susannah Chen from CHOW and Feastly COO, Leigh Goldstein. While the judging was extremely close and the competitors “battered” it out well, Break and Gather took home the winning trophy with their “Buttermilk Biscuit Bun Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich with Fried Pickles”. Sadie’s Crispy Fried Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich with Green Papaya …