Author: Joey DeBruin

Chef Marketing Tip: Utilizing Filters to Your Advantage

Hey Chefs! Want a tip for how to sell out your meals? We spend hours analyzing the hundreds of thousands of people that come to our site looking to purchase seats to a pop-up, and here’s some insider info:

People love using the pricing filter and those who use it are 100% more likely to book a meal. Importantly, 50% of those users click on the “Under 35” filter – 3X as many as click on any of the others.

Scallop crudo in coriander broth

This dish is as impressive to diners as it is simple to make. The raw scallops have a texture that is more delicate and free of chewiness than a prime piece of tuna. If you find scallops that are of good enough quality, you could just serve them sliced with some salt and a squeeze of lime juice and people would ooh and ah.