Author: Jocelyn Ho

Meet The Team: Feastly’s Wordsmith Cleo Tarca

We thought you might enjoy reading a little bit about Cleo Tarca since she’s the face behind most of the recent the stories we’ve been publishing. A life-long Connecticut native, Cleo moved to California about a year and a half ago when her engineering husband landed a start-up job in Silicon Valley. After six years as an English teacher to students ranging from grades 6-12…(except for 11, don’t ask why), she made the leap into the insatiable world of food writing. A typical day for Cleo at Feastly HQ A day at Feastly for me consists of writing, writing, editing, and more writing. There are also some meetings, a good chunk of time on Facebook (for work, of course!), and hopefully some eating thrown in there. There’s also quite a bit of laughing, because coming up with creative copy is often a collaborative and somewhat silly endeavor. How Cleo started pursuing her dream of writing full-time I’ve been writing in some form for my entire literate life, and I’ve always loved language. Being an English teacher allowed me to share …

Behind the Feast: “Revival” Sous Chef By Day, Avant-Garde Cook By Night

Working in restaurant kitchens, even executive chefs have to follow the “rules” of the industry. But cooking is an art that shouldn’t be restrained. That’s why Ronny Miranda came to Feastly – to share his personal experiments with passionate eaters who appreciate the story behind each and every dish.

Marketing Your Feast: Chef Social Media 101

Social media is home to everything from viral animal videos and recipes to editorial content and hard-hitting news. It’s also a great way to market pop-up meals to hungry audiences! This quick guide covers Facebook and Instagram, two strong social media tools you can use to promote your brand and events. Instagram Hashtags Create one main hashtag for your brand. This creates a consistent way for you to keep track of your content and for audiences to find and engage with your content. Example: #feastly #ichidosf #eatsbye Create a set of hashtags to use every time you post (if you’re trying to gain more followers, try starting off with 15-20 hashtags per post) Examples: #foodie #sanfrancisco #feastly #seafood #guitarfish #freshcatch #catchoftheday #popupdinner #supperclub #soulfood #organic #homecooking The purpose of hashtags is to create keywords that people can find your content under. Don’t be too general, try not to use ones such as just #food or #fish, because your content will get lost in the sea of other photos tagged with those hashtags. Try searching up several hashtags on …