We believe that dining should be more authentic and social.

From Grandma’s cold-curing chicken soup to your old college roommate’s amazing tofu Thai curry, few restaurants can recreate the wonderful flavors and inviting atmosphere of a home cooked meal around the dining room table with good company.

Feastly creates an online marketplace connecting passionate cooks with hungry eaters to offer homemade meals prepared and served in a cook’s home.

Now, won’t you join us for a meal and help us to revolutionize dining?

Sign up for our meals at www.eatfeastly.com. Your stomach and soul will thank you.

And, feel free to contact us at info@eatfeastly.com.

Feast On!

The Feastly Team


  1. What a fantastic business concept! Attended my first Feastly meal last night – it was superb! Best wishes to your company!

  2. Guys, My hat is off to you. This is a phenomenal idea. I run a blog over at thefoodpronographersguide.com. Not only will I attend meals at other people’s houses, I desperately want to host my own meals. I saw the low country boil and was jealous that that individual got to it before me. I have a plethora of southern cuisine that I would love to share with fellow foodies and travelers.

  3. Debra Brender says

    I live in Monte Sereno, CA (South Bay, near San Jose, CA). I would be interested in feasted or being a chef. How do I sign up? Thanks, DB

  4. Dear Feastly,

    Thanks…Your website helped me do research on local places and for a recent Examiner.com article.

    Below is the link to the article I wrote that mentions Feastly as among some local places to enjoy a home-cooked meal with strangers (but not for too long).

    Please feel free to post the article or share it. Also, you can comment on the article or subscribe and get more upcoming SF Food stories.



    Harris II
    SF Food Examiner

  5. Jake M. says

    What a great idea. I absolutely HATE going to restaurants; bad atmosphere, boring food, often overpriced, hate forced tipping for poor service, not knowing who cooked the food, etc. Would love to see this concept come to smaller towns in the south.

  6. Dr. H. Lecter says

    What a splendid idea. I would be delighted to have you for dinner in my home. I shall be preparing some fava beans and open a nice Chianti.

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