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What We’re Reading This Week IS BACK!

We took a bit of a summer hiatus (you know, to do fog-filled activities), but now we’re here again with our favorite food reads of the week! From the resurgence of the pumpkin spice latte to some Feastly chef successes, we’re rolling into the long weekend with plenty to keep us satisfied. Just don’t call it a comeback.

+We all know cheese is culinary crack, but did you know it had a hand in human evolution?

+In the wake of #MeToo and disgraced chef-titans, the restaurant industry is ripe for change. GQ asked six chefs what it’s actually going to take to do it.

+TASTE delves into the enigma that is the Midwest supper club.

…as explained in Minnesota Eats Out: An Illustrated History, Kathryn Strand and Linda Koutsky write that while urban nightclubs featured drinks and dancing with “classy” meals and cocktails, supper clubs were their “country cousins”—meaning they delivered a similar experience in a more casual package: large steaks, all-you-can-eat walleye, potato gratin, and post-dinner dancing to a local polka band playing “Beer Barrel Polka.” In the strictest sense of the term, supper clubs exist only where very little else does. A supper club is not just one destination in town; it’s literally the only place to go. And so everyone does.

+Trump’s tariffs might lead to big payouts for farmers. Read: $4.7 billion to grow soybeans, cotton, sorghum and more.

+It’s still in the nineties in some parts of the country, but the much-anticipated harbinger of fall is here! That’s right: the PSL is back.

+Healthy eating in America seems geared toward a white, non-immigrant population. One nutritionist weighs in.

Food represents our heritage and our ancestry. It reminds us of our family and friends and our childhoods, weddings, or special events, like Carnival celebrations in Trinidad (and so many other countries). For so many people who move to a different country (or even to a different part of the same country), food is a part—and sometimes the only part—of home that they can still enjoy every day. 

+Congrats, chefs! Two Feastly concepts were included on Eater‘s “The 12 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Fall 2018” list.

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