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Meet Your Private Chef: Jennifer Vascotto of Citizen’s Pop-Ups

About Citizen’s Pop-Ups:

Citizen’s Pop-Ups creates dining experiences with a cause! 25% of all proceeds go to wonderful organizations working to better our world, like the Partnerships for Trauma Recovery, Rise Against Hunger, and Project Aware. Citizen’s Pop-Ups tailor-makes menus for your special events that highlight local, seasonal, and organic produce as well as humanely-raised meats and seafood.

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We caught up with Citizen’s chef and creator, Jenny Vascotto, to find out more about her charitable concept, what’s in her fridge, the food podcast she loves, and the one ingredient she won’t touch. Follow Citizen’s on Facebook and Instagram!

My culinary style:

Farm-to-table always. World-influenced when appropriate.

The main influences on my concept:

My two wonderful partner farms, Blue Egg and Feral Heart. The joy of wandering around farmers markets. And years of traveling, apprenticing, and eating in Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Proudest cooking moment:

The day I earned my apron during my apprenticeship at Boston’s No. 9 Park. They gave out beautiful, black pinstripe aprons when they felt you had earned your place and were a value to the team.

The ingredients I always have in my pantry and fridge:

Pantry: Aceto Balsamico from Guiseppe Giusti in varying ages. Fridge: 36-48 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano.

The one thing I won’t eat:

BANANAS. In any form.

The go-to dish I cook for myself when I’m off the clock:

Saag paneer, paneer makhani, or cacio e pepe.

My most used kitchen tool:

Spoons! I have 75+ antique spoons that I’ve collected from restaurants and travels.

My favorite food podcast:

The Sustainable Dish! I think we need to bring our eating habits closer to the soil and the people who work so hard to grow our food. Education on what you’re eating always equals eating better!

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Try Jenny’s recipe for cultured buttermilk ice cream!

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