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We’ve got loads of new reads this week! Pour yourself a matcha, put your feet up, and start scrolling. Got other favorite reads? Tell us in the comments!

+One company is turning unused restaurant space into shared offices.

+Here’s why a restaurant won’t seat you until your whole party has arrived.

+Shared-space titan WeWork has gone entirely vegetarian in an effort to increase their green footprint.

+This New York restaurant is unique for two reasons.

After two years cooking at the soba restaurant Cocoron and its outpost, Goemon Curry, [Mako Okano] opened this eight-seat place across the street last fall, with a small staff made up only of women. And that’s not even the most unusual thing about it: according to Okano, it’s the world’s only restaurant to serve an omakase, or tasting menu, that centers on shabu-shabu, or Japanese hotpot.

+HINT wants to be more than just flavored water. Get an inside look into their brick-and-mortar “experiential water bar” in San Francisco.

+Eater delves into the potentially high price of the Michelin guide.

+From jackfruit tacos and vegan pozole to tempeh burritos and dairy-free pan, plant-based Latin cuisine is gaining momentum.

+”Women Who Whiskey” is an experimental female-only club dedicated to (you guessed it) women who drink this stereotypical male spirit. 

[Julia Ritz] Toffoli never even intended to start a club — let alone an international organization comprising 10,000 women whiskey drinkers with 25 chapters around the globe. But Toffoli had grown tired of hearing condescending comments from male patrons and bartenders whenever she ordered a whiskey. Antiquated attitudes about whiskey consumption — “That’s a strong drink for a little lady” was a frequent refrain —create a barrier that can deter many women from enjoying the drink.

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