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What We’re Reading This Week

While we love food innovations, crazy chef stories, and culinary mishaps, we also like to educate ourselves on important issues in the industry. This week is a little less quirky and a little more social commentary, but we like to switch it up on occasion. Happy reading!

+Chef David Patterson is on a mission to reduce racial and gender gaps in the culinary industry.

+We’ve all heard it — food is unavoidably political. NPR examines what happens when two anti-immigration higher-ups decide they’re craving tacos in DC.

+From the archives: a New Yorker essay penned by the late Anthony Bourdain entitled, “Don’t Eat Before You Read This: A New York Chef Spills Some Trade Secrets.”

+ A carbon dioxide shortage is affecting supermarket choices in the UK.

+EATER delves into the unexpectedly ubiquitous queer culture in food.

+And the top food cities in America (according to are…

+The food scenes in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie series romanticize pioneer eating.

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