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While we mourn the loss of Anthony Bourdain, the culinary world continues to spin. And spin it does, with ice cream news, gin that is too potent, a food delivery success story, and much more.

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+Fast food titan Taco Bell is set to launch frosé this summer…because a fried chicken taco shell was just not enough.

+Halo Top, the low-calorie, low-sugar, and high in protein ice cream, is making the leap from the grocery store to scoop shop. 

In the last six years, Halo Top has become the best-selling pint of ice cream in America. In 2016, the company sold some 13.5 million of those pints, earning $66 million in revenue; in 2017, the take was closer to $100 million. It’s ubiquitous, available in Walmart (where, upon its debut, Halo Top’s seven flavors became the seven most popular ice creams the chain sold) but also in pricey natural grocery stores like LA’s Erewhon, which was one of the brand’s first wholesale customers.

+The dinner party is an enduring social ritual. TASTE writer Jamie Feldmar explores how it’s evolving in the age of social media.

+Uber Eats has done $6 billion worth of sales in its inaugural year. See how they did it via Skift.

+Meet Sarah Masoni, the professional food designer responsible for the flavors behind some of your favorite products.

+Beneath the snark and the cynicism, Anthony Bourdain was an expert storyteller. And his stories delved into the geopolitics of food and their effects on our world. We will miss him.

There’s nothing more political than food,” he told Food & Wine. “Who eats? Who doesn’t? Why do people cook what they cook? It is always the end or a part of a long story, often a painful one. Look, I travel around the world asking people, ‘What makes you happy, what do you eat and what would you like your kids to eat ten years from now?’ and I get some really interesting and complicated answers in places like Beirut, Iran, Vietnam, and even Detroit.”

+Canadian liquor authorities have recalled Bombay Sapphire gin for having almost double the labeled alcohol content. Brb, heading to the Great White North.

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