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Feasting With Friends Just Got Easier!

There’s no doubt that planning a group dining experience can be hard. Finding one date that works for everyone, choosing a place, and picking a time through a long text or email thread can be mind-numbing.

After your head is spinning with the who, the what, and the where, hunger and confusion ensue. But no more! The purpose of the Group Planner is simple — make planning an event with your group easy. You pick the meals, you pick your friends, and we’ll handle the rest.

 Save meals you want to attend to your group planner.

 Share your Group Planner! Friends will vote and we’ll keep track of their responses.

 We’ll let you know who can go which meal, so you can book with your group and enjoy feasting together!

Start Planning

How To Add Meals To Your Group Planner

From the browse page:

When you see an event you think would be perfect for your group (we think most of them are!), click the  icon to that meal to your Group Planner.

From an event page:

If you are viewing event details and think to yourself, “Hmm…this would be great to attend with a group of my friends!”, click the “ADD TO PLANNER” button on the meal page.

How To Access Your Group Planner

Head to the main menu and click “My Group Planner” to access our planning-made-easy hub.

How To Share Your Group Planner With Friends

Once you have added meals to your Planner, you can share your Planner with friends through a link, email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Voting On Meals

When you add a meal to your own group planner, it automatically gets one upvote from you. To vote on a friend’s planner shared with you: open the link they send and click either “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on meals they’ve selected. No need to call, text, or email — just a simple 👍 or 👎 !

Choosing A Winner

We’ll send you a notification when your friends vote on your Group Planner, and we’ll also email you as event dates approach. Check back in on your Group Planner, see the votes, and pick a meal (or a few!) to book.

How To Start A Group Booking

Click the “Book #” button below the meal card you’ve chosen. We’ll notify your friends so you don’t have to!

Click here to read about how to complete a group booking!

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