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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing Around The Web

In the mood for some quirky and delicious reads? Enjoy our curated selection of literary snacks, from a ramen noodle vending machine to our latest binge-worthy food show. Got a craving for something else? Let us know what we can feed you, because Mama Feastly never wants you to go hungry.

+Hate doing the dishes? A new report shows that this everyday household task actually causes the most stress in relationships.

+In an effort to equalize food media, Julia Turshen is giving marginalized voices a new platform.

Equity at the Table (EATT), from cookbook author and activist Julia Turshen, is a searchable directory of female food professionals that includes writers, chefs, artists and lawyers, many of whom are also part of the LGBT community or are persons of color. The platform’s ultimate goal is to solve the glaring lack of representation in food, whose mediums, whether it be restaurants, TV shows, magazine articles or festivals, have been traditionally dominated by straight white males.

+Popeye the Sailor isn’t the only one who understands the merits of spinach. Check out this working heart tissue made from greens.

+Now you don’t have to choose between travel books and cookbooks. Afar explores eight of these genre-bending titles.

+If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t get ramen from a vending machine, your wait is over…if you live in SF, at least.

…Yo-Kai Express vending machine is dispensing steaming-hot bowls of ramen at the Metreon, a shopping and cinema complex in San Francisco. You choose your bowl; pay by credit card, Apple Pay or with a code; watch a lively animation on the touch screen for the 45 seconds it takes for the bowl to be made; and then you’re ready to eat. The current offerings are $11 each and come with chopsticks, a spoon and a mesh-like carrier so you don’t burn your fingers transporting the bowl to a nearby table.

+Meet the man who has eaten at 99 of the 100 restaurants on the World’s Best List. Food & Wine has the scoop on where he’ll eat for #100.

+Sweet tooth n’ chill this weekend because “Chef’s Table: Pastry” is now on Netlix

+TSA may be unpacking your in-flight snacks at security soon…as if flying wasn’t hard enough.


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